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Elder Care Accounting Services

Sometimes as our loved ones age they begin to need assistance with their day-to-day financial tasks, such as paying their bills, managing their bank accounts, or paying household employee’s. Often times these tasks normally fall on the children or other close family members of the elderly and can sometimes cause hardships for those performing them. If this is the case, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help.

We provide elder care accounting services necessary to assist adult children who either live out of town or have full-time careers and find it difficult to find the time needed to ensure that their senior loved ones can maintain financial responsibility.

With our elder care services you get the help of a caring, honest, and knowledgeable professional. Someone who will look out for your parents or grandparents best interest.

We will provide your loved ones assistance with their daily finances and business duties and will provide monthly reports of all income and expense payments to each designated family member. You are kept informed of every step we make. That way, you always know that your family member’s needs are being met.

Whether your loved one is no longer entirely independent or simply needs extra help to enjoy their lives, we are here to help in the following areas:

  • Reviewing and paying household bills, budgeting, and record keeping

  • Assistance with check writing and checkbook balancing

  • Making sure money is received, receipted, and deposited

  • Making home visits

  • Preparing income tax returns

  • Preparing payroll and payroll tax returns for household employee’s

  • Reporting to responsible family members

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