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Don’t hire a company to do your taxes that disappears after tax season. What happens if the IRS contacts you? You need to get answers in a timely fashion not wait weeks until somebody finally checks their answering machine and gets your message. At Journey Accounting and Tax Solutions LLC, you get personalized one-on-one attention. We are here for you whenever you need us and are fully accountable and dependable. We not only prepare your federal, state and local taxes but we strategize for next year. We advise you on how better to prepare for your next tax season, how to keep better records, do proper accounting and how much to put aside for taxes so you’re not caught off guard next year. We can even do your yearly bookkeeping for you.

When you come to us for individual tax preparation, you will need to have a full accounting of your income and expenses. If you use a computerized bookkeeping program, we just need a profit and loss statement. If you don’t do your bookwork on computer, tally up all your receipts and bring them along. Remember, regardless of how you do your bookkeeping, always keep good records and keep all your receipts. If you are ever audited, this will come in very handy proving what you state on your taxes. This potentially will avoid you paying any unnecessary interest or penalties.

We guide you through the tax planning and preparation service helping simplify the complexities of taxes. You will never see us advertise that we can get “big” refunds because that is not how the tax system works. We will prepare your taxes in a professional manner and get you every possible deduction, credit and refund you deserve.


Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Trusts, Estates, and yes, even Non-Profit Organizations must file tax returns every year. Journey Accounting and Tax Solutions LLC has specialists in this field. We can prepare your income tax return. We will ensure that your tax return includes all of the deductions to which your organization is entitled, and we will get your tax return filed correctly. Whether you’re a small home based business and a fast growing corporation preparing your own business tax return can be challenging. The tax laws change annually. The tax professionals at Journey Accounting and Tax Solutions LLC keep up-to-date on the most recent changes. We remain vigilant in our search for changes that affect you and your future. When it comes time to prepare your tax return, we are ready to help you. We will find all of the deductions and credits that you can claim, and we will get you all the tax benefits to which you are entitled.

We are able to assist you with your many types of tax returns, including simple returns, itemized deductions, non-resident returns, small business returns, and many others.

Your convenience is our goal so you may send us your documents by fax, email, scan/photo, or mail, and we will prepare your taxes. Once the documents are completed, we will email them through our secure system, or drop them in the mail.  At Journey Accounting and Tax Solutions LLC you get to choose.

A review of your prior year return will be required before any estimates are given.

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